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How to Send Secure Email

Email Security

Securing your email is a choice, but it is a call everyone would take in several cases because the message you send could be hacked or used for other purposes. But you cannot encrypt it as easily as drafting a mail and sending it. You need to learn about it before trying it out on any of your important emails. If you are attaching any personally identifiable information in the mail, it is always a good idea to encrypt your messages. Check if the details you are entering in a message can be used against you before clicking the ‘send’ button. Even when people know the situations where an encrypted message is imperative, they are not aware of how it is done. Here is a short guide on how to send a secure email.

Sending Secure Email

Email encryption will require both the recipient and sender to install a particular software before sending the message. Encryption keys may have to be exchanged for the next step of the delivery, or you may also have to sign up for a new account and go through several complex configuration settings  to send that single mail. No company or busy individual would be free enough for the completion of this process.

Secure Email

Using a secure email service that has quite a less complicated set of procedures to complete would be ideal. It should be easy for the recipient to handle so much so that they don’t have to put in extra effort to receive a message. If the mail is just a few clicks away, the recipient would be more than ready to accept it, but if it involves a lot of tasks such as installing software or setting it up, they are most likely to back out.

When you want to send a secure email, you must make sure not to add any sensitive information in the subject line of the email because these lines are never encrypted. Since the recipient has to register the first time for the mail to be encrypted, you will either need to send them an email regarding that or contact them through any other medium top inform them that an invite for the encrypted mail has been sent.

Once you are done with these steps, add the term ‘[secure]’ in the subject line without the quote marks and with the brackets. By clicking on the ‘Send’ button once you are done drafting it, you can send an encrypted mail. But this mostly works with Outlook; if you want other mail platforms to work the same way, you need software. You can opt for any of the available options that come both in a hard way and an easy way. When using the S/MIME encryption, the sender and recipient must be using mail applications that support this standard. There are several other exclusive methods to encrypt emails on various platforms. You could go with the PGP implementations for the encryption, but it is hard to use. Having Microsoft 365 Message Encryption can also help in securing the email.