HIPAA Compliant Email

Our secure communication services enable hospitals and physician services across the country to secure their email communications to partners, departments, and individuals over open networks easily and affordably. Physician offices will now be ably to securely communicate with both hospitals and patients, speeding the access to needed patient data and enabling users to meet HIPAA requirements while continuing to use their existing email client. Users can access secure email messages at the desktop and can be sent to any valid email address.

HIPAA regulations are specific about the end result required if you use email — health information sent via electronic means must be protected against unauthorized access. However, the regulations are less specific about the technologies to be used to accomplish this. No particular technology is required, so a wide variety of options have emerged, including closed networks, virtual private networks and various types of encryption services. Choosing among these alternatives is a matter of your properly informed business judgment, based on your particular circumstances, resources and needs.

In general, you should pick a secure email solution that:

Ensures privacy by allowing you to send information securely to anyone with an email address, regardless of the platform or software

Is consistent with HIPAA requirements for protection of PHI in electronic communications by providing prudent safeguards

Works universally with all of the individuals and entities you communicate with

Ensures messages arrive unaltered and can only be opened by the intended recipient

Causes no disruption to operations and works seamlessly with your existing email software

Is inexpensive, easy to install and easy to use

Will grow with you as your business grows

Helps you to develop your risk assessment and provides a process for identifying and addressing your security risks